Mental Health and the Justice System | Paul Padda Podcast

“Today’s guest is Judge Bita Yeager. Originally from New York, she came to the west on a scholarship. Three days after Law School Judge Yeager came to Vegas to apply for a job at one the law firms. She thought it would only be for a year, but she ended up making Las Vegas her home. Vegas turned out to be more than just the Strip. People live here and raise their kids here. It was very different than what people think of it initially. Vegas is so welcoming to outsiders and allows people to make it here professionally.

Judge Yeager loves being a lawyer and started working in criminal law, which landed her in the public defender’s office. She loved working there and helping the people and she loved her co-workers. Her job was to make sure that everyone was represented properly. When it comes to the bar association, there needs to be a balance, a mix of civil attorneys as well as criminal attorneys, plaintiffs, defense attorneys, prosecutors. It’s important to have that balance, because it provides different perspectives.

Currently Judge Yeager is the hearing master and hears cases for the mentally ill. She is now running for district court judge to make an even greater difference. One of the main issues that we face today, are the fact that there are many mentally ill people who encounter the justice system via the police. The police are not always equipped to handle the mentally ill. There are changes that are already being made. Dealing with people who have a mental illness can be challenging. There are about 300 cases per week that deal with the mentally impaired. The Police department has stepped up and are making changes to their procedures.

One of the rewarding things about being the hearing master for the mentally ill, is that she gets to see the changes that they make through the programs that they are assigned to.

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